Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Quiz Update

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The building is a privately-owned warehouse at the corner of N. York and Commerce. Engine 17 is first on running schedule. Although the construction would be dangerous if the building was heavily involved, the ceiling spaces are fully sprinklered and the building is well-maintained.

The owner says it was built during World War II and originally served as a parts warehouse for the Sherman Tank factory that used to be on (you guessed it) Sherman St. during the war.

Captain Therault wins the ice cream sandwiches. He not only correctly identified the address but sent a satellite photo of it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This Tour's Territory Quiz

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Where is this dangerous building? Its roof is traditional wooden bowstring truss construction, which means it could be an extreme hazard if heavily involved in fire. One of our District 8 engine companies would be first in on this warehouse. We'd all make it if it went to a 2-11.

Answer in comments or send to
Prize for first correct answer (street address or nearest intersection): box of ice cream sandwiches.

Monday, May 21, 2007

In Memoriam: Dominic Contorno

Forty-five years ago today (May 21, 1962) HFD Firefighter Dominic Contorno died in the line of duty. Click image for story of how it happened.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Quiz Final Update

After further review, there does seem to be a building inside this building at 3011 San Jacinto. Fair is fair. Captain Murphy wins the fortune cookies.

Quiz Answer

The answer is...
Inside the Bank of America Center, 700 Louisiana.

At the corner of Louisiana and Capitol there used to be about a five story concrete building--either UPS or Fedex. That building is still there, but it is now covered by the structure of the Bank of America building.

If you go inside the door facing Capitol (indicated left) you enter a big concrete building-within-a-building. It's completely unconnected to the skyscraper, empty and unoccupied, and contained by the other building.

Thanks for trying. Next one will be easier.

Quiz Update


Captain Murphy writes...

"Bring on the cookies. 3011 San Jacinto ! Storage Bldg. Added 2 floors to the top. We can smell the cookies from here."

Good guess, but no. Remember the clue: "a building inside a building--i.e. an old building contained within a new building that was built around it."

That means, a pre-existing building completely contained by another building that was constructed on top of it and around it.

Big hint. You can see the building in this photo:

Territory Quiz

Question: Where in District 8's territory is there a building inside a building--i.e. an old building contained within a new building that was built around it?

Answer in comments or send to

Prize for first correct answer: big bag of fortune cookies.

(Station 8 crew ineligible.)

Next Tour's Manpower: May 22 & 24, 2007

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What's For Supper?

Here's the start-to-finish recipe.

Monday, May 14, 2007

New TEAP For U of H Dormitory

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Captains, please print, bind and put on your apparatus the new TEAP for 4800 Calhoun, Oberholtzer Hall, if your unit will respond to it.

It's also on the TEAP chart linked at the lower right.

Firefighters (And Everyone) Should Know Their Rights

The arrested firefighter below may have been charged because he consented to a search that he didn't have to.

Here's a link to a very good video about how you can respectfully, but effectively, protect your rights if you are confronted by the police.

Show it to your (teenaged) kids.

Bookmark This Vacations Link

The vacation schedule changes constantly. Captains and everyone else might want to bookmark this link, which will take you to a page where the most recent vacation sheet is always at the top. The link is also in the lower right of the District 8B weblog.

Vacations Updated May 14, 2007

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Recent Changes: Quintero added 9/3 and 9/5, acquiring vacations cancelled by Cornitius.
Norwood traded May 14, 16 for June 15 and 17

And...Call (8-B) cancelled July 5, added May 28.

Veteran Houston Firefighter Arrested

Click image for story about the Houston firefighter recently arrested during a drug bust (but not for drugs).

Click here for another story.

It's OUR Fault?

Read this. The implied message of the story is that the city pension is going belly up because the firefighters got a raise. Someone should write the editor and explain the truth to them.

Here's a link to a saved version of the story, in case the Chronicle
link expires.

Update: Here's an email from the Mayor saying the Chronicle story is a lie.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Captains Remember:

TEAPs will be due no later than May 24th.

Manpower: May 14 & 16, 2007

Clik image.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

In Memoriam: James Louis Walls

Thirty-six years ago today--5/3/1971--HFD Firefighter James Louis Walls died in the line of duty. Click image for the story of how it happened.