Sunday, June 17, 2007

Quiz Answer

Update: Station 17's crew did attempt to send the correct answer first, but due to technical difficulties, was unable. They were awarded the prize for giving the correct first answer.

David Paige (8-B) wins.

Correct Answer: Franklin at Bagby
(Click image for map.)
It's the George Bush (Sr.) Monument on the Bayou, right across from the old dispatch building.

Manpower June 23 and 25, 2007

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Territory Quiz: Bomb Threat

Here's a kind of stupid and easy quiz before I go on vacation. (I've got a tougher one prepared for when I come back.)

Scenario: You respond to a bomb threat incident. Terrorists have planted what may be an explosive device at the base of this statue.
Question: Responding companies should stage and refrain from radio transmission at least 300 feet from what street intersection in District 8?

No answers by telephone. Post answer below in comments (click on "comments" below--the fastest way to respond) or you can send email to

Prize for first correct posted answer...
...package of Peanut Butter Cups.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Roasted Coffee

From "when fire was hotter and water was wetter..."

Old video from the 80's of a coffee warehouse fire directly across the street from Station 18. This was a multiple-alarm that all of District 8 responded to. Watch as it goes from bad to worse. Cast of characters: a very young Chief Kopfensteiner, Pat Kasper, others.

The building ain't there no more.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Quiz Answer

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We have a winner.

Samuel Morgan (17-B) sent the answer, St. Emanuel at Webster (directly across the street from the police station), minutes ahead of others. Congrats.

Quiz Update

Captain Quintero writes:
"Is the location around St. Emanuel and Holman?"

Close, but no cigar. Here's the hint.

Territory Quiz: Where's This Dangerous Building?

(B-side. Click pictures for larger images.)

This is a large two-story abandoned residence that all three of our stations would respond to on the first alarm.

(Another angle from B-side, showing C-side exposure.)

It's on the city's list of dangerous buildings. They've been trying to get it demolished, but have so far been unsuccessful.

(Looking from A-side, showing D-side exposure.)

It's boarded up, dilapidated, connected to a garage apartment, and with occupied exposures on two sides.

Where is this building in our territory? Give me street address or intersection.

Post answer in comments or email to

Prize for first correct answer...
Box of Drumsticks.

(If I don't get an answer in an hour or two, I'll post a hint.)


A heads-up about what's been happening:

The Command Staff is cracking down on sick time usage. Yesterday, all A-shift personnel who had 5 or more sick time occurrences since October of '06 were ordered down to Assistant Chief Matejka's office to face a review board. Some districts had so many people with so much sick time that they had to put apparatus out of service to do this.

Rumor is that Chief Matejka is telling the Deputies, and the Deputies are telling their DCs, that the new sick time usage policy in the Leaves and Absence Guideline is going to be strictly enforced, starting immediately. If the review board chooses, they can take you off the overtime eligibility list, stop you working at your side job, or even reassign you.

I have not yet received notice of this from Chief Whitehorn, but I expect to in the near future.

Here's a link to the relevant passage in the Leaves and Absences guideline that explains how the review board can make your life miserable if they so choose.

Here is a link to a list showing usage District 8B personnel (arranged by last 4 numbers of payroll) and their number of sick time occurrences. We're better than most districts in terms of sick time use, but a few are close to or over the limit.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Aircraft Firefighting In Our Territory

How long has it been since you drilled on aircraft firefighting procedures? (Me neither.) District 8 crews may not realize it, but they may be called upon to perform this task if one of the Life Flight helicopters crashes on the helipad at Hermann Hospital.

There are two foam monitors which deliver 10 minutes of firefighting foam, supplied by a dry-pipe line that should be wet by the time we get there.

Hermann personnel have no turnout gear and minimal firefighting training. So it will be our responsibility to man these monitors and control the fire when our crews arrive on scene.

There are also standpipe connections nearby and extinguishers at the corners of the helipad. A reservoir beneath the helipad will collect spilled fuel through drain holes on the surface.

More on Life Flight helicopter crash safety and procedures in the near future.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Territory Quiz Result

Captain Quintero writes: "Number of mail boxes; several families, so accountability of residents may be diff. , unknown how homes are divided(walls), unsafe wiring and or gas lines. Home on blocks which means frame is not as stable and could lead to rapid failure."

Well done. Station 17 wins the Snickers.

This is a multi-family residence near Roberts and Preston.

This Tour's Territory Quiz

(Click for larger image.)

Scenario: You were originally dispatched on a "House fire. Possible people trapped." You roll up and find this building showing heavy smoke.

What information do you see from looking at the outside that tells you about problems or conditions you may face inside?

Bonus points (not required to win prize): Where is this building located in the territory of one of our stations?

Answer in comments or send to

Prize for first correct answer: bag of Snickers

Next Tour's Manpower: June 7 & 9, 2007

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8-B Vacations Updated June 1, 2007

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