Saturday, June 9, 2007

Territory Quiz: Where's This Dangerous Building?

(B-side. Click pictures for larger images.)

This is a large two-story abandoned residence that all three of our stations would respond to on the first alarm.

(Another angle from B-side, showing C-side exposure.)

It's on the city's list of dangerous buildings. They've been trying to get it demolished, but have so far been unsuccessful.

(Looking from A-side, showing D-side exposure.)

It's boarded up, dilapidated, connected to a garage apartment, and with occupied exposures on two sides.

Where is this building in our territory? Give me street address or intersection.

Post answer in comments or email to

Prize for first correct answer...
Box of Drumsticks.

(If I don't get an answer in an hour or two, I'll post a hint.)

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