Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Aircraft Firefighting In Our Territory

How long has it been since you drilled on aircraft firefighting procedures? (Me neither.) District 8 crews may not realize it, but they may be called upon to perform this task if one of the Life Flight helicopters crashes on the helipad at Hermann Hospital.

There are two foam monitors which deliver 10 minutes of firefighting foam, supplied by a dry-pipe line that should be wet by the time we get there.

Hermann personnel have no turnout gear and minimal firefighting training. So it will be our responsibility to man these monitors and control the fire when our crews arrive on scene.

There are also standpipe connections nearby and extinguishers at the corners of the helipad. A reservoir beneath the helipad will collect spilled fuel through drain holes on the surface.

More on Life Flight helicopter crash safety and procedures in the near future.

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